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Issue 10

The popularity and power of business simulations together with news about the launch of the next product being developed by the SimVenture team all feature in this newsletter. Also find out how SimVenture is being used in schools, colleges, universities as well as commercial organisations.

Issue 9

Find out how a Singaporean entrepreneur is helping to shape the future of corporate entrepreneurship training and access your own step-by-step SimVenture teaching guide. Learn about pioneering practices in Leeds and Cape Town and discover why SimVenture's Mexican and Colombian agents who visited London recently are so happy with the software.

Issue 8

Recognition for SimVenture from the European Union, success with a global telecoms company in the Far East and a review of the first ever ‘Master SimVenture’ course, are all features in this issue of Insights. You’ll also find out who’s won the latest Umph! competition and learn how a Welsh University has taken some very innovative strides with the software.

Issue 7

In this edition of Insights, learn about the team’s groundbreaking seminar ‘Driving the Economy Forward’ which takes place in Westminster in January 2012. Amongst other articles, find out how and why SimVenture is such a success in Europe.

Issue 6

Published in the Summer of 2011, this edition of Insights featured the first-ever Yorkshire-wide business competition ‘Umph!’ as well as articles about how teachers and lecturers have adopted and are using SimVenture.

Issue 5

Entrepreneurial ‘Rickshaw Racers’ and ‘Hitch Hikers’ featured in this edition of the newsletter which also included a double page spread on the international growth of SimVenture.

Issue 4

Moving to an 8 page format, this Autumn 2010 edition revealed important work with a BMW sponsored initiative in South Africa and highlighted the start of long term partnerships between Venture Simulations and key UK universities.

Issue 3

Carrying news of an award hat-trick, this edition also reported how the software was being used in FE and how one local authority had bought SimVenture for all its 32 secondary schools.

Issue 2

Following 12 months intensive work, this edition of Insights was devoted almost entirely to the release of SimVenture V.4.