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How Does It Work

Learning about new software always needs some investment in time. Below are resources to keep that investment to a minimum.

The 'Walkthrough Videos' allow you to learn the basics about SimVenture and how the 3-year simulation works. The information included within the videos allow you to familiarise yourself with SimVenture and learn how to navigate through the business simulation.

Many customers find that the videos also provide an ideal way to introduce other users of the software. Alternatively, you can request a free SimVenture Handbook PDF. The Handbook explains all the product features.

Walkthrough Video - Introducing SimVenture (3:39)

A brief introduction to SimVenture covering the basics of how the business simulation works. 

Layout features and key processes are explained to give you a sense of how the software looks 'in action' as users interact with the software.

Walkthrough Video - Getting Started (11:08)

Find out how to get a business started within the simulation.

This video covers the key business principles which underpin SimVenture providing a step-by-step guide to managing a virtual start-up business.

Walkthrough Video - Features & Support (4:55)

Discover the tools and features contained within SimVenture.

Covering games settings, starting points, reviewing progress and ways to support learning, teaching and assessment.