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Teach Business, Entrepreneurship, Enterprise and more...

SimVenture can be used within the curriculum in a number of ways ranging from competitons run as part of Enterprise Week to full integration within specific courses. Watch the short film opposite to learn more about the simulation and for details of courses covered by SimVenture, take a look at the Resource Library.

The areas covered within the software map with the content of the most popular course programmes for Business and Enterprise Education and also support the development of a range of skills relating to employability and personal development. Take a look at SimVenture for yourself. You can request a free evaluation copy or simply download the software. 


Highly versatile...

Designed to be highly engaging, SimVenture appeals to students with a range of learning styles. Its versatility means that it can be used in a variety of ways beyond the challenge of simply running the simulation;

In classrooms around the globe, students are being engaged in activities which;

  • allow them to run their own virtual business
  • require them to make decisions, take risks and deal with failure
  • stimulate teamwork and discussion
  • incorporate role play, reflection, presentations and reports
  • explore business strategies
  • demonstrate theory
  • promote financial awareness
  • encourage data analysis
  • support more traditional approaches to learning

SimVenture provides an excellent context around which learners can use and apply skills and concepts in a practical, dynamic, problem solving environment. Take a look for yourself to see how SimVenture works.

Packed with features...

The software provides the teacher with a range of ways to differentiate activities to meet the specific needs of learner, whilst the Custom Button feature allows teachers to add course specific content to the already rich resources held within the software.

The integrated Notepad facilitates assessment by providing a central location for players to gather their thoughts, actions and interpretations. These can then be exported to form the basis of discussions, presentations and formal submissions.

For more details about applying SimVenture visit the Learning Zone.