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Product Overview

The Strategy Game that teaches Business, Entrepreneurship and Employability Skills

SimVenture is used in education institutions and commercial, public and voluntary sector environments. The multi-award winning software lets people run their own virtual company and learn about entrepreneurship & business in an authentic, engaging and sustainable way.

People as young as 14 learn business fundamentals and budding entrepreneurs discover how to manage and grow a succesful company. In the workplace, SimVenture is used as a powerful training and coaching resource.

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Decision making in an authentic environment

business game-business simulation

Working in simulated monthly cycles users make decisions in all areas of business and receive feedback to see the consequences of their actions.

Within the four key business areas (Organisation; Sales & Marketing; Finance; and Operations) any number of decisions can be made each month. The challenge is to generate enquiries, sales and orders and build a successful company.

Bridging the gap between theory and practice

SimVenture works on best practice principles. People who research markets, competitors and customers and then take appropriate action always perform better than those who rely on guesswork. The virtual company allows people to run their business for a maximum of 36 months.