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Make the Most of Peoples' Talent

Increasingly, successful organisations maximise the talent of their workforce. People with an entrepreneurial mindset, the ones who see the bigger picture, are best able to contribute right across the organisation rather than just within their team or department.

How SimVenture can work for you
SimVenture offers many benefits as a highly engaging and flexible training tool. You can develop the talent of new recruits, managers and/or your senior leadership team.

By being in charge of their own virtual company, people discover how much they understand about what it takes to make an organisation successful.

Working with you, we can prepare simulation scenarios to reflect the learning and skills that you want people to develop as part of any training. The focus can be on strategic thinking and/or specific business disciplines such as Sales & Marketing of Finance etc.

As part of the training people can work as either individuals or teams and we can either run the sessions for you or provide the necessary training so that you can complete the work yourself.

You can also use SimVenture to test peoples’ decision making, analytical skills and overall business acumen and understanding. Since the software captures all user decisions, you can use SimVenture as the basis for meaningful and interactive presentations that will provide invaluable insight into peoples’ thinking.


“The overall level of business understanding increased significantly. The grads agreed it was one of the best training events with which they had been involved.”

Carl Tabisz, Talent Advisor, ASDA


Reaping the Benefits
Building capacity through the development of entrepreneurial skills and talent will accelerate individual, team and overall organisation performance. And as people make the most of their potential, so you will find your colleagues becoming more motivated and committed to meeting objectives and driving the organisation forward.

SimVenture is a highly engaging training resource that makes learning enjoyable. People will take a lot of learning from time spent with the business simulaton, but more importantly the effect will last for years.

As a guide, software costs start from £125 + VAT (1 Computer Licence Rental) and training and support is available from £1,750 per day + VAT per trainer. We find that all client specifications are different and therefore it is best to talk through your ideas with a member of the team so that a quote can be provided in the first instance.

Next Steps
To discuss how SimVenture might help you or to find out how other organisations have used the simulation game to enhance training within their organisation, contact the team. Or find out more about: