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Core Skills

SimVenture helps to develop a number of core skills that support business, enterprise and entrepreneurial thinking and learning.

Start & Grow a Business through Solving Problems
Principally, SimVenture ensures people understand what it takes to start and grow a business from scratch. Designed to reflect reality, people are faced with virtually all the issues linked to business start-up and growth, and they must think their way through all the problems and challenges that are presented within the game. Whether it's in a commercial or academic environment, SimVenture accelerates the learning and understanding of critical business skills.

Decisions, Analysis, Risk & Failure
The business simulation is purposefully designed so that people make decisions, deal with consequences and analyse information.

To create demand (enquiries, orders and sales), users must research, price, promote and design their product so that it is attractive to potential customers. But just like the real world success does not come easy.

Learning how and when to take risks and coping with failure is all part of the rich experience created by the simulation.

Communication & Teamwork
People can use SimVenture on their own or as part of a team. Group work requires people to discuss issues, negotiate strategies and adjust priorities as the simulation unfolds and new challenges arise. This website contains plenty of information as to how people are using SimVenture as a teaching/training resource.

SimVenture captures all decision data automatically and stores it in an easily accessible and user-friendly format. As a consequence, individuals and teams have plenty of robust data from which to deliver meaningful and accurate presentations that are based on truthful actions rather than hypothetical possibilities.