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Absorbing learners in a world that reflects reality

Engagement and Authenticity

Any business simulation should provide an active learning experience. Fun is very important and the SimVenture Team has always been committed to building a simulation so that people who use it 'want to learn' rather than feel they 'have to learn'.

But to develop skills and embed understanding in any learning environment, a good simulation must also reflect reality. If it doesn’t ‘feel real’ people quickly see through the exercise and become disinterested in meaningful work.

Designed by experienced entrepreneurs, SimVenture incorporates all key areas of business. Critically, the simulation has been constructed (and is still rigourously tested) so that when users make decisions, the outcomes reflect (as closely as possible) what would happen in reality. Very little is left to chance in SimVenture because just like in business, users must continually make decisions based on good information, in order to succeed.

Rather than read about all the SimVenture features here, you can download a demo copy of the software and see how all aspects of business and the variables of money, time, skills, stress and tiredness have been interwoven into the simulation to provide a highly engaging and authentic learning experience.