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Flexible Support for Teachers & Trainers

Clients use SimVenture in many learning environments including distance learning courses. The software can be installed on a central server (using the free network licence server) and then accessed on any connected computer (concurrent use). For home use, the software is downloaded to a personal machine.

SimVenture has a 'Save & Load' function which means the simulation can be used in any time frame. Users access the software and then just like any an Excel or Word file, save the document for use at another time and/or place. Electronic transfer of saved files is very straightforward.

Assessment and Support

Since the software automatically captures user data, teachers/trainers have access to the decisions made in any simulation task. Furthermore, innovative features such as the powerful 'Data Analysis Tool' make it easy for teachers/trainers to quickly assess learner performance. 

Using materials available in the Resource Library and Learning Zone, people can quickly learn how the software works. A variety of training packages are also available, making it possible to become competent SimVenture teachers/trainers in a short space of time. Through research or via the dedicated on-line Forum, trainers and teachers continue to feedback the importance of having a flexible resource and what is needed to enhance the learning experience.