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Organisational Licences - Pricing & Ordering

How to use the Pricing table

Prices and options for organisational purchases are listed below. You can choose to buy any number of ‘Annual Single Licences’ or ‘Permanent Single Licences’ to install on your network (with our free Network Licence Server) or on dedicated machines. Use this document to help you understand the terms we are using, how the licensing of software works and the number of licences you may require. More information about Software Licence use is available within our Terms and Conditions.

A Site Licence lets users access SimVenture on any computer at any time within a single site. Site Licence prices vary according to size and type of organisation. As a rule, the price of a site licence is proportional to the total number of people who can access the software at any time. Please contact us for more information or to request a quote

Organisation Annual Single
Permanent Single
Annual Site
Permanent Site
Work with us
School / Academy /
Sixth Form
£25 £50 £395 £795 n/a  
College* £45 £90 from
Higher Education £85 £200 from
Public Sector / NGO** POA POA from
Commercial POA POA from

For prices and details about all training packages, visit the Learning Zone on this website.

Licence orders include a free Licence Server (allowing the software to be run across a Network) and 12 month Maintenance Contract.
Discounts are applied to all orders of 15+ Licences which are used for teaching/training purposes. Please contact us for more details and/or a quote.

Site Licence price calculations are based on the number of students that can use as well as access the software within the institution/organisation.
*Since an increasing number of colleges include degree courses, prices are subject to adjustment if SimVenture is used to support any undergraduate or postgraduate learning or teaching.
**College prices typically apply to licences that are supplied to: an Educational Charity; Social Enterprise; Prison; and/or organisation that supports people who are otherwise disadvantaged.
Wherever possible, SimVenture Licence prices will be discounted by up to 35% for purchases made by organisations based in ‘Least Developed Countries’ (LDCs). For reference, a current list of LDCs is provided here: LDC List
Follow these links for further details about Licence PurchasingLicence Provision and Licence Activation.
International prices may vary from the published UK prices below. For further details contact your Local Agent.