When the going gets tough…

“Where ya goin?” The local van driver spoke as he leant over from his seat and looked at me shouldering my heavy rucksack whilst holding the passenger door open.

“Lake District!” I replied. The prospect of a lift adding eagerness to my voice.

“Get in… but I’m only going to ‘arrogate’…” [Read more...]

Trust: The one thing that matters most

Have you experienced a situation where one person trusts you when nobody else does? And what happens next?

In little time a strong bond can build between you both, sometimes at remarkable speed… [Read more...]

What to do when demand dries up

After 5 long hours stood by the roadside that hot summer’s day back in 1988, I was beginning to doubt my chances. Bank Holiday traffic joining the M50 showed no interest in me. Could I get home? Could I even get out of Wales..? [Read more...]