How to know when not to listen

Tell others that you want to start your own business.

Don’t be surprised when more people than you thought advise against such action… [Read more...]

Understand your need to achieve

Man meets eternalLeeds station, 11.35pm. It’s a dark, cold November evening. The last train to York departed 5 minutes before my train from Huddersfield arrived. But for the night-time usuals I’m on my own, frustrated and penniless. What next..? [Read more...]

Beware the devil of self-importance

As I climbed the tank crane’s 10 foot ladder to access the driver’s cab I knew this wasn’t going to be a typical hitchhiking experience… [Read more...]

How to plan and achieve sales effectively

In the early nineties I employed a salesman on a short-term 10 week contract. I gave him a sales target of £10k and suggested we meet each Friday to review progress… [Read more...]