How hitchhiking women make money

IndonesiaWomen2Recent visits to the Far East as well as African continent have demonstrated that hitchhiking remains a popular means of transport.

But whilst dozens of people with thumbs outstretched lined my route from Uhmslanga to Durban, it was the mothers with babes on their backs, risking life and limb in the car-frenzied city of Jakarta, that really got my attention… [Read more...]

Making the case for a business simulation

MakethecaseforabusinesssimulationSince 2006, countless reports have been published (including the latest by Lord Young) stating good entrepreneurship education requires experiential, hands-on learning.

Engaging people so they make decisions, deal with risk and consequences as well as solve problems creates a rich learning environment; and certainly one that improves on the ‘expert’ speaking at a passive audience… [Read more...]

Film treasures all entrepreneurs should find

Film_iStock_000007096260SmallBy accident, I recently discovered a powerful and uplifting film about global social entrepreneurship. Concerned I’d never heard about this brilliantly-made & influential production (See 1. Who Cares?), I decided to ‘hitchhike’ around the web in search of more film-based treasures to share on this Blog. What I found may stagger you…

[Read more...]

Can banks compete with crowdfunders?

CrowdfundingFollowing a short interview at Cumbria’s ‘Wasdale Head Inn‘ I secured my first proper job in 1984 as a kitchen porter. Fresh out of school, my new hotel home was at the end of a long valley, 8 miles from the nearest shop and another 3 to the nearest town. And that’s where I found myself 2 week’s later having hitched the 11 miles so I could open my first bank account… [Read more...]

Fishing for exports? The world’s your lobster*

ImageForum_ArticleBuilding the SimVenture brand has involved little hitchhiking but much globe-trotting over the last 8 years. In this time exporting has become a key revenue stream. So what’s been learnt and how can you develop your own export expertise and thus build your business? Here are my top 10 tips… [Read more...]

How to snowball an enterprising culture (Part 2)

AsfawDelight can quickly turn to frustration when an excellent new recruit, who is just settling into the post, decides to accept a job offer elsewhere. But occasionally, you know they’ve made the right decision… [Read more...]

How to snowball an enterprising culture (Part 1)

teach, inspire, motivate“No, you don’t need one. The night is not dark.” Frank, head of an outdoor centre, spoke with calm assertion to the 10 newly acquainted teenagers.

The group was visibly alarmed by his response. None had anticipated that their sensible request for torches (ahead of their night walk through an ancient Cumbrian wood) would be refused… [Read more...]