Can banks compete with crowdfunders?

CrowdfundingFollowing a short interview at Cumbria’s ‘Wasdale Head Inn‘ I secured my first proper job in 1984 as a kitchen porter. Fresh out of school, my new hotel home was at the end of a long valley, 8 miles from the nearest shop and another 3 to the nearest town. And that’s where I found myself 2 week’s later having hitched the 11 miles so I could open my first bank account… [Read more...]

Top 10 websites for entrepreneurs

ToptenFor 2 months I conducted some basic research to establish the best websites that help people start and stay in business in the UK. Over 500 individuals (who work in an advisory and business support capacity in academia, the public and private sectors as well as people running businesses) were asked to provide feedback on the single question “What are the really good websites you recommend people use..?” [Read more...]

Look after the pounds & the millions will look after themselves

Salespeople regularly offered me lifts back in the eighties. It’s fair to say I enjoyed the banter and their cars went faster too.

London bound, one bright weekday morning, I was hitching a lift onto the M1 when a passing car jammed on its brakes and pulled over ahead of me onto the empty slip road. The smart-suited driver from Leicester was going my way. Within 2 minutes we were doing 90+ in the outside lane of the motorway… [Read more...]

Figuring out pricing

Many start-ups wrongly copy the hitchhiker when it comes to pricing. An outstretched thumb works by the road, but a finger in the air almost always plucks financially flawed figures.

Pricing products or services (especially the first time) isn’t easy, but considered calculation based on some key principles can make all the difference between business success and failure… [Read more...]

Bootstrapping: My way on the business highway

BootstrappingshoesFailure has a wonderful capacity to reveal opportunities that otherwise remain hidden.

Disastrous ‘A’ Level results in 1984  forced me to take a gap year. Whilst I envied friends destined for university, part of me delighted in the chance to step off the education treadmill… [Read more...]