Defending the bad name of business

Mann böse mit VisitenkarteA few months back I attended an entrepreneurship conference that attracted people from all sectors.

The organisers chose to kick things off with a ‘motivational speaker’ and the billing stated our man of purpose was a ‘leading entrepreneur and businessman’.

Now, in my experience these things can go one of two ways. I won’t mess you about. He had a shocker… [Read more...]

It could all go horribly wrong…

HorriblyWrongSetting out for Loughborough University (to guest speak at their entrepreneur’s ‘ThinkBig’ awards) I was reminded of the insight and wisdom of Patrick Awuah. Earlier in June I had listened to him talk at a GBSN conference in Tunisia… [Read more...]

Death of a telephone salesman*

TelephoneMost people who try to sell to me over the phone are crap at their job. What’s worse is the fact you can tell in seconds that they’ve received some god-awful training which might as well be called ‘How to shaft the customer’… [Read more...]

Great ways to sharpen your writing

Pencils2Several years ago I co-wrote and published an on-line book.

Entitled ‘Dexter Bentley: My first million’ the story follows the entrepreneurial journey of a young man whose academic failures prove to be the catalyst for his business success… [Read more...]

Top 10 websites for entrepreneurs

Top 10 websites for entrepreneurs

Top 10 websites for entrepreneurs

For 2 months I conducted some basic research to establish the top 10 websites for entrepreneurs. Over 500 individuals (who work in an advisory and business support capacity in academia, the public and private sectors as well as people running businesses) were asked for feedback on the single question “What are the really good websites you recommend people use..?” [Read more...]

Meeting the world’s greatest entrepreneur

It started with a cold call.

“I’m sorry but Nick never gives interviews” I was informed. The PA on the other end of the line was pleasant but firm. “But please give me your details. Someone in PR will be in touch I’m sure.”

Two days later the phone rang. To my astonishment I learnt my wish had been granted. Even though he had a hectic schedule, the world’s greatest entrepreneur wanted to meet me in person; and he had even insisted on making all my travel arrangements… [Read more...]

If you’re going to screw up a pitch, here’s how…

As part of Global Enterprise Week I was invited to talk to students at Oaklands College about the art of pitching.

Rather than provide environmentally unfriendly handouts, I suggested to the tutor (Paul Kirikal) that I provide the 10 top tips within this Blog… [Read more...]

The serious business of having a laugh

As our plane readied for take off to Cape Town, the stewardess commenced the well rehearsed health and safety briefing. Except the ordinary was about to become extraordinary.

“In the event of the cabin losing air pressure, oxygen masks will drop down from above your heads.” Her words were calm. She paused and looked to see who was paying attention… [Read more...]