Making the case for a business simulation

MakethecaseforabusinesssimulationSince 2006, countless reports have been published (including the latest by Lord Young) stating good entrepreneurship education requires experiential, hands-on learning.

Engaging people so they make decisions, deal with risk and consequences as well as solve problems creates a rich learning environment; and certainly one that improves on the ‘expert’ speaking at a passive audience… [Read more...]

Film treasures all entrepreneurs should find

Film_iStock_000007096260SmallBy accident, I recently discovered a powerful and uplifting film about global social entrepreneurship. Concerned I’d never heard about this brilliantly-made & influential production (See 1. Who Cares?), I decided to ‘hitchhike’ around the web in search of more film-based treasures to share on this Blog. What I found may stagger you…

[Read more...]

Flavour of the Umph!

UmphTrophyBeing 25 years’ self-employed I feel I’ve developed a ‘nose’ for judging whether a business or project might work.

The personal journey over the last quarter century has had its mix of success and failure; critical experience informing the senses as to whether something new can progress sufficiently so it bears fruit in the longer-term… [Read more...]

Mind-blowing passion in the back bedroom

Reading anything by Bill Bryson makes me smile and laugh out loud.

As a young man, Mr Bryson discovered the joys of hitchhiking. Driven by a thirst for adventure he spent two summers travelling around Europe with the aid of his thumb. He didn’t know it at the time, but the accumulated experience when combined with his journalistic skills (acquired later) would make him a best-selling author (and a mint)… [Read more...]

Thanks to SimVenture

Success with the business simulation ‘SimVenture’ means I now frequently travel to different parts of the world.

As with hitchhiking I love to be on the move. But unlike my early hitchhiking days I now stay in accommodation that my mum would approve of. And with the aid of a laptop and the internet many a bedroom has become a temporary office. [Read more...]