Breadth of Content

Covering all key areas of business, the interconnected nature of running a company is faithfully modelled.

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Intuitive Interface

Ease of navigation and user-friendly controls generate efficient and focused learning.

Sophisticated Modelling

Dynamic markets and complex algorithms challenge users to analyse, think and act.

Total Control

Total Control

Administer activities, assigning them to Users or Usergroups so they know exactly what to do and when you expect the results!
View users undertaking activities in real time or keep track of how they are progressing with their list of activities.
Provide support, set new challenges, change the rules!

All managed from your Control Tower. Power at your fingertips.

Scalable and affordable technology that will empower millions of learners throughout the world.

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We currently work with a range of partners including:

  • publishers
  • distributors
  • policy makers
  • education institutions