How hitchhiking women make money


Recent visits to the Far East as well as African continent have demonstrated that hitchhiking remains a popular means of transport. But whilst dozens of people with thumbs outstretched lined my route from Uhmslanga to Durban, it was the mothers … [Continue reading]

Film treasures all entrepreneurs should find


By accident, I recently discovered a powerful and uplifting film about global social entrepreneurship. Concerned I'd never heard about this brilliantly-made & influential production (See 1. Who Cares?), I decided to 'hitchhike' around the web in … [Continue reading]

How to snowball an enterprising culture (Part 2)


Delight can quickly turn to frustration when an excellent new recruit, who is just settling into the post, decides to accept a job offer elsewhere. But occasionally, you know they’ve made the right decision... … [Continue reading]