The team don’t work

Flush with hitchhiking success, I often encouraged friends to thumb lifts and wherever possible join me on my travels. I genuinely wanted to share the road freedom I had discovered. However, only a few ever followed and on the odd occasion I hitched in company things rarely worked out as planned… [Read more...]

Jump the job queue: Free is the way

Frustrated, annoyed and angry are just three of the more polite descriptions for how I feel when I see waste… [Read more...]

Figuring out pricing

Many start-ups wrongly copy the hitchhiker when it comes to pricing. An outstretched thumb works by the road, but a finger in the air almost always plucks financially flawed figures.

Pricing products or services (especially the first time) isn’t easy, but considered calculation based on some key principles can make all the difference between business success and failure… [Read more...]