Top 10 websites for entrepreneurs


For the past 2 months I've conducted some basic research to establish the best websites that help people start and stay in business in the UK. Over 500 individuals (who work in an advisory and business support capacity in academia, public as well as … [Continue reading]

Meeting the world’s greatest entrepreneur


It all started with a cold call. "I'm sorry but Nick never gives interviews" I was informed. The PA on the other end of the line was pleasant but firm. "But please give me your details. Someone in PR will be in touch I'm sure." Two days later … [Continue reading]

Fresh energy turns us on


Imagine if energy suddenly got cheaper. Not a bit cheaper but a lot cheaper. High household electricity and gas bills would be a thing of the past. Travel would be more affordable. As importantly, the price of food and goods would fall (in line … [Continue reading]

If you’re going to screw up a pitch, here’s how…


As part of Global Enterprise Week 2012, I was invited to talk to students at Oaklands College about the art of pitching. Rather than provide environmentally unfriendly handouts on the day (paper that inevitably finds its way into the 'round-file') … [Continue reading]

The serious business of having a laugh

Portrait of business colleagues holding each other and laughing

As our plane readied for take off to Cape Town, the stewardess commenced the well rehearsed health and safety briefing. Except the ordinary was about to become extraordinary. "In the event of the cabin losing air pressure, oxygen masks will drop … [Continue reading]

Crap meetings & how to avoid them


Once upon a business life I self-published a ‘book’ for the caravanning market. Knowing little about these boxes on wheels and kidding myself the product was half-decent, I led a telesales department (me) and phoned UK caravan outlets in search of … [Continue reading]

Look after the pounds & the millions will look after themselves


Salespeople regularly offered me lifts back in the eighties. It's fair to say I enjoyed the banter and their cars went faster too. London bound, one bright weekday morning, I was hitching a lift onto the M1 when a passing car jammed on its brakes … [Continue reading]

Give your ambition the greatest chance of success


Reading should never be a guilty pleasure. But it can get that way if work pressures really grip and/or family demands mean those precious grains of free time are lost before sleep. Like holidays, books provide an escape. And whilst the odd trashy … [Continue reading]